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Join Earth Haven to create a sustainable future for all.

You can join Earth Haven by donating only One Dollar per month, which is equal to one vote for a sustainable future.

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If a million people pledges only 1 dollar, then Earth Haven will have enough funds to create sustainable communities around the globe, thus creating ecosystems, sustainable food supply, and education for the people, farm animals, and wild life in the area/countries that are in need.

Here’s a list to help you understand better:

1. Set up self-sustainable communities globally each year.

2. Create naturally self sustainable food supply for communities in the area that’s in need.

3. Recreate destroyed ecosystems where damage has been done by humans.

4. Preservation of wild life, animal life, and uplifting human life with nature in mind, not against nature as we do with our concrete jungles.

5. When there’s a crisis in the world, anywhere (droughts, famine, natural disasters) we have 1 million dollars to use and be active on the scene for support and relief. Currently there are a lot of raging fires around the globe, this fund would be supportive of such causes for example.

6. Buy natural land with micro-ecosystems before large corporations do to preserve them for future generations.

7. The possibilities are endless, as long as it serves LIFE, always.

8. Before big money is spent, we will lay out everything about a project and have a VOTE.

It will only be the beginning once we reach 1 Million voters. Count yourself in, be the future, be part of it. Be one vote!

Yes you can. We have set up different options for you. The more you pledge, the more we can do, and speed up the process of creating our first self sustainable community.

The different options are as follow:

  • 1 Million Friends
    • $1, One Vote
  • Trees and More
    • $5 or more per month
  • Now it’s getting serious
    • $15 or more per month
  • Because you can
    • $30 or more per month
  • Make your Business Shine for the Future
    • $1 000 or more per month
We have other options for you to help us out. These options are as follows:

  1. You can do a once-off donation if you’d prefer.
  2. You can sponsor us equipment.
  3. If you’re a manufacturing company, and would like us to test out your product/s, we will gladly do so. In other words your sponsor would be the product, with us using it, and most likely make a video with a review for all our patreons to see (This is options, you can only request internal feedback if you don’t want a video).