The Mission

The guiding principle in these communities is to bring about the utmost potential of the land, which must sustain all the forms of life on the land: the animals, plants and humans. Under this principle, we regard farm animals and wild animals to be equally important.

In summary, we are doing what is best for all, which means the land, the animals, plants, humans, without exception. And we not only have a responsibility to the immediate land, and people, but also to all the lands and all the people of the Earth, that is why we will produce educational material, through videos, articles and photographs, that will document and show the process of our very first Earth Haven.

We need as many Patrons as possible to unite with us who see and understand what we are doing with Earth Haven and why it needs be done. We already have our first Earth Haven here, ready to be the first example of success. Once this community has reached its potential, we will receive visitors who can stay 1-2 weeks to have hands on education with the land, animals and nature and see with their own eyes what is possible. May this be the proof of what we can achieve through funds and support from patrons.We wish to expand to future Earth Haven sites, to set up more such self-sustainable communities around the world. The aim is to never stop till we have a sustainable planet.

The Vision

Once we reach the potential of our first Earth Haven community, thanks to the support of our monthly pledgers, we will look for land to start a new Earth Haven. We are looking for life-long pledgers, because new Earth Havens will continuously be developed across the world.

One day people will be able to visit and live at local Earth Haven’s located in their country. The Earth Havens will serve neighbouring communities and the local populace by educating, teaching and reconnecting man to the Earth/Land, the animals, plants and nature.

The Purpose

Everyone can Equally participate in change, no special education or knowledge required, no degrees or masters required, simply common sense and self-honesty within unity – The world is in dire need of change. And this change isn’t coming form the top of the pyramid as the world system, as we have seen over and over, and time isn’t on our side. I currently have the position and location to start this mission for change, for the human and the environment.

I know and understand that those who sees the same as me aren’t in the same position or location as me, YET have the motivation and will within them to be the change. BUT, each one of us has the power to still play an equal role in starting something for change. This is our pledges, our money concentrated and dedicated to the cause.This is an Educational and fun process that will be shared with everyone that has become a Patron/contributor for the mission (someone contributing) as a sign of who is in this with me for real. I hope each person who knows me or who does not, will after reading this, see the mission and vision and the way that this can go, and take ten minutes to set everything up to become a Patron.

By creating and making the current Land as the first earth Haven community its utmost potential within self-sustainability, and improving nature and wild life – a balance will be restored, and so what is produced on the farm and the future farms/communities will be able to support those that currently have a disadvantage within the world system, those in poverty. The receiving will have an equal balance of giving. These communities will also become training grounds for re-educating and introducing a different lifestyle for the human.

This is Earth Haven, this is OUR mission.