Gift a Tree, your Gift to Earth
Goal: 850 Trees for 2018

Be part of rehabilitating land into an indigenous forest and supportive habitat.
Support trees that are about to be thrown away as no one is buying them.
Support nurseries and their importance.

Give back to Earth, as your gift to life.

This Christmas, we would like to give gifts that keeps on giving.
What better way than a tree, trees create life and for hundreds of years.

Donate/buy a Tree for yourself or for a loved one.
30$ will get you a Tree, with YOUR name tagged on it.
How cool is that? Being part of a forest with 849 other people.
Every Tree with a person’s name on it.
Get a special unique post card made with your tree on it and posted directly to you.

Please fill in all required details once you make your purchase.
Also specify in the more information section who the tree is for, and a special message to place on the post card if needed. Or we will add in our special thank you message.

Please consider, post cards may only arrive in 2018, we will in the meantime take photos and share them directly to your email.

30$ is the minimum price, you can make your contribution as much as you like above 30$. All extra monies goes to Earth Haven projects and supporting our cause.

Become a monthly supporter of Earth Haven on our patreon site. You can pledge from 1$ to anything you feel will help make a difference.

Please take a look at the picture that shows where the trees will be planted. See the difference these trees will bring to the environment.

Your donation/purchase will supports us greatly.