Money Donations

Earth Haven accepts any amount of donation. We play open books on what has been done, and what will be done with the money received. We already share our videos on patreon with our pledgers to show them the progress of what has been done on the community/farm, and what we plan on doing in the near future.

Bank FNB – First National Bank
Account Name Earth Haven Foundation
Account Type Cheque
Account Number 62666027646
Branch Code 257355

PayPal Donations

 Tools/Materials/Seed donations

Earth Haven accepts any form of donation, as long as it can be used on a farm. These donations will be used to work lands, fertilise earth, plant seeds, and maintain anything in the community. In the end, everything that is being done on the farmland, will go to feed the mouths in need, to help and support the surrounding communities of all their short comings. So your donation will help us work better, harder and faster to get us out there.


To have a package send to us, please get in contact with Gian Robberts at the following email:

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